The Fallout is here. Are you ready? dive into the dark…

Reader Praise for Wicked Fallout:

“It didn’t take long at all for Kelly Charron to weave her story and have me completely hooked on finding out just what would happen next in Ryann’s story…The book changes the point of view between Ryann and Nancy all throughout as they begin their sessions. Getting both sides from the doctor and Ryann was enough that I just didn’t want to put this book down and couldn’t wait to find out if Ryann was going to be let out and begin her murderous spree yet again. Now after two chapters in Ryann’s life I can’t wait to see what the author can come up with next if she continues the series.”

—Amazon Review

“Kelly deserves an award for writing this book. All the research she had to of done. Or else she just watches a lot of crime shows 😉 I absolutely loved this book. The sick twisted thoughts of Ryann were so interesting. I could see her in my mind so perfectly, in her prison uniform, perfectly manipulating everyone she comes in contact with. Then the homelife of Dr. Nancy was just as intriguing. I really hope there will be another book. I need more of Ryann and her psychopathic tendencies!”

—Amazon Review

“The Pretty Wicked series has another amazing addition thanks to Kelly Charron. All I can say that this book was not like I was expecting. When Forensic Psychologist Nancy meets convicted murderer Ryann it is the beginning of a long solved mystery involving many deaths. Who was Ryann really, can Nancy really determine if she knows who Ryann is or is she just playing everyone? Will the quest to find the truth end with Nancy questioning herself again as a psychologist or will she realize the truth wasn’t as easy as every thought?”

—Amazon Review


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