Kindle Countdown For Pretty Wicked

Hello everyone!

Like suspense? Thrillers with a little horror mixed in? Follow 15-year-old Ryann Wilkanson as she stalks the people in her small town all the while deciding who will die next.

This is not your regular thriller. Ryann has studied all things murder including how to get away with it.

Will her detective father and his partner realize what’s right under their noses and will it be too late?

Delve inside the mind of a budding serial killer as she risks everything to become the greatest monster there has ever been.

Pretty Wicked (regularly 5.99) will be on promo on the following days:

October 30 – 0.99
October 31 – 1.99
November 1 – 2.99
November 2 – 3.99

Take advantage of this deal while you can!

Pretty Wicked Printable 330 6x9

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