Finally!! I have a website!

Welcome…The website is finally live and kicking.  Now as long as it doesn’t kick back, I am all set!!


This is new for me and I will try my best to keep you up to date with all of my exciting and not so exciting news and activities revolving around the world of writing, mysteries and murders (because I can’t stop watching them and reading about them and trying to solve them and…) Okay, you get the idea!

The only thing better than a good thriller is a marathon night of TVD or SPN with a pot of hot coffee and a bar of good chocolate! YUM!

Sooo…before I get too far off topic, have a look around, check out my fellow author interviews as they become available, and by all means, check out their books.  There are some great novels out there people, some published by mainstream companies, and many more published independently and they just need a shout out to be heard!